It is important to source safety equipment from a reliable company

Why is safety equipment necessary?

Wherever there is any kind of construction work, civil maintenance work taking place, there is a need for good quality safety equipment. Workers might be working at heights or moving heavy equipment. They need safety equipment to ensure there are no possible damages to the people and property due to an accident. Safety equipment holds the workers in place.

Safety equipment should be manufactured with superior and latest technology. These equipment need to be regularly inspected under stringent norms and maintained & serviced. It falls to reason that the best course of action for any construction / engineering company is to source such equipment from a very reliable company that understands the importance of extending that bit of extra care towards such equipment, while manufacturing and during usage of their equipment.

Dutest is one of the leading safety equipment suppliers in the UAE. Itis also an inspection & maintenance company for safety and lifting equipment. The benefit to its clients is that they get a one-stop solution to their requirements for high-end safety equipment in the UAE. Dutest works with KARAM brand under which there are a stream of products like vertical & horizontal line systems that have guided type fall arresters incorporated. Their products are popularly used in sectors like construction, oil & gas, engineering and manufacturing.

Dutest is one of recognized safety equipment suppliers in the UAE and offers exclusive range of fixed lifeline systems in the UAE including:

  • Vertical lifeline system

They are used when workers need to climb and work. They hold the person in place even in a fall. These find wide use and are easy to install, non-invasive, easy to disconnect and can be configured for four workers in a line.

  • Horizontal lifeline systems

These systems are used when a worker has to move on a horizontal elevated track. These are high-end equipment for ensuring that a person is held safely and does not fall.

  • Fall protection systems like full-body harness, fall arrestor block

These comes with high-end technological features with the finest ergonomics. They are perfect to be used for people working at heights. They support the worker in the safest position so there is no chance of the body being left loose at any point.

  • Lanyards

They connect a system. Lanyards have a shock absorber. There are fall arrest lanyards, forked lanyards, work positioning lanyards.

Dutest is committed to manufacture and deliver the best products and services to their clients.

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